Things to do in Las Vegas Travel Guide

Las Vegas! Vegas, Baby! With a weekend to explore Las Vegas we arrived hitting the ground running wanting to pack in as much as we possibly could over a short period of time. Nigh life, music, gambling, entertainment, dancing, walking the Strip and shows in the evening. Driving luxury cars, helicopter tours, exploring the Grand Canyon and marveling at Red Rock Canyon by day. Las Vegas was full of surprises.

The following is a Las Vegas travel guide to experience the most out of your vacation to Sin City. It is the best things to do on Las Vegas Strip along with day excursions outside of the city limits. As they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So we aren’t in Canada no more! This weekend we actually escaped to Las Vegas so we are going to be spending three days just enjoying winter in the desert and doing cool stuff.

And today we’re walking down the strip and we’re going to show you some of the sights. And the best part – no winter parka right now. Enough walking for a while. I’m starving. Let’s get some dinner. We’re going to Shake Shack.

So when this buzzer goes it’s time for me to get my food. It’s ready. It’s ready. Go get it!

There is the man bringing food. Ooh la lah. I’m on a total health kick today. We’ve got a double burger, cheese fries, peanut butter shake and a root beer float. When in Vegas.

I think I found my new favorite burger here at the Shake Shack. They just do their patties to perfection over here. Tell, me. Tell, me! You know what?

Nobody does fast food like Americans. They’ve got it down to a science. It’s absolutely unhealthy but so delicious. Argh.

We just found a jelly bean Statue of Liberty and I’m going to dare Sam five bucks to lick it. Do it, do it. It’s filthy. Don’t!

This is like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. This is a very volatile situation. I’m walking into a Hershey’s candy store. Ooh la lah. I hope they have free samples. I think I’m about to create my own chocolate bar.

Ooh. Let’s go white chocolate. I don’t know how this works actually. Oh, smile big! Ow!

Retake. Retake. Looks good! What did you find there? Two and a half pounds of free bets and chocolate.

And these are only two cups if you can imagine. One here, one there. So what did you find?

I found the largest Hershey chocolate bar in the world. Really? We’re going to head back to the hotel and get ready for a show. We’re going to be seeing the Michael Jackson Show at the Mandalay Bay but unfortunately we can’t bring any cameras in there so we won’ t be able to show you that but maybe after the show we’ll hit the town again and show you the sights. Not maybe! Definitely!

One of the highlights of our three day weekend in Las Vegas was the opportunity to take a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. Visiting this natural marvel is already a once in a lifetime experience but getting to see it from above the cherry on top. Every single person on that helicopter smiled the whole way there and back. Here are some of the views from that flight.

We just took a helicopter tour with Maverick Helicopters and we’ve just landed in the Grand Canyon. And you guys, it is so impressive. So what did you think of the flight over? Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a helicopter.

The last time I rode in one was when I was a child. And I just love them so much more than taking a plane. It is just a smoother experience and the helicopter is really versatile.

It can zig and zag and go all over the place. Perfect for filming and perfect for views. Were you a little scared considering it was your first ride? My hands were a little clammy from the experience but honestly it is amazing. Like, once you are up in the air and you get to see the landscape below you it is just so amazing. So I’m not scared anymore.

The scenery is so distracting you kind of forget that you’re nervous. Yeah, and it just becomes a really peaceful experience being up in the air. So it was really cool. So we’re fueling up, swapping seats and now it is time to head back to Las Vegas.

On the flight back we flew over the Vegas Strip for a bird’s eye view of the city. When the helicopter finally touched down we still had giant grins plastered on our faces. This is an experience that will be very hard to top.

On our second day in Las Vegas we decided to escape the city and enjoy a bit of the natural scenery. We joined the Pink Jeep Tour for an afternoon exploring Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Located about a half hour drive outside of the city this is an easy day trip filled with rugged desert landscapes.

We spent a few hours driving through the park and also doing a bit of hiking along the way. Here are some of the highlights. Alright, it’s time to climb this bad boy. Okay, show us your climbing skills. Scramble up that mountain. Just like an old man.

So this over here is the Calico Ridge and the landscape reminds me a lot of Northern Argentina. The toilet. Is the toilet occupied? Hmm. Huh?

Hello, there. So we are coming to the end of this outing. We’re just doing our last little hike through the park and soon we’ll be back in Las Vegas. But how did you enjoy it? It’s been awesome.

It is so nice. I didn’t realize that there was so many scenic areas just outside of Las Vegas. And the best part is that I am building up an appetite for an enormous steak. Or sushi? No, steak. Check out my sweet ride!

Test driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari & Porsche in Las Vegas Travel Script: Alright, so this morning we are at Wold Class Driving here in Las Vegas and we are going to be test driving some luxury cars. Feeling the need for speed? Oh, yes! Well, hello hello there. I’m starting out in the Porsche.

Ooh La Lah. How are making out so far? Fantastic. I’m a natural guys.

I think for my next birthday Sam should buy me a luxury car. Let’s win the lottery. Right now we are arriving at Lake Mead National Park. So it is time to switch over to car number two. We’ve just stopped here at the National Park. We’re going to get some shots of the scenery and keep driving.

Let’s get your cars into gear. Everybody ready? Follow me starting with the Lamborghini first.

Lamborghini time, are you ready? I sure am. And last but certainly not least we’ve got the… I’m driving a Ferrari baby.

That was a pretty awesome experience. I ended up driving three different luxury cars. There was the Porsche, the Lamborghini, and the Ferrari and we got to feel the speed in those babies.

So out of the three cars which was your favorite? I think I might choose the Porsche just because it was very smooth and easy car to drive. The other ones were a bit harder manlier.

So you like that more than the muscle cars? Yeah, but it was a lot of fun. Highly recommended. It is so sad to be leaving but it is our last night in Las Vegas so we’re going to go out and try and see as much as we can this evening.

Let’s go wild. Let’s gamble. Why are you at the ATM machine right now? We need some cash to fuel our gambling addiction. It is never ending.

The lights. The noise. The ding ding ding ding.

This is what a casino sounds like twenty-four seven. We see people gambling here at like five in the morning when we get up for breakfast. And yes we do get up that early. What would a trip to Vegas be like without a little gambling?

Sam, even looks like an old gambler today with that hat. Oh, I do. Guess what? We’re such cheapskates we’re playing with pennies.

We’re going to the penny machine. They don’t even have pennies in Canada anymore, so let’s use these American pennies up. Shiver me timbers. I’m playing a pirate game. I’m going to win me some money. Tell us?

Alright, I was a pretty lousy pirate, so I’m going to try my luck with this Owl game. Hoot! Hoot! Ding ding ding ding ding. Being the supreme cheapskate that I am I’m cutting my loses after two dollars.

So we’re here at the Bellagio for the water show. And they have a lot of frequent shows in the evening so we’re just waiting for it to start. So we are now at the Cosmopolitan and we are visiting one of the coolest bars in all of Las Vegas. This behind me is the Chandelier.

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