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Sawasdee krup. I’m Gak, from Slot Machine and this is online gambling sourse I’m here to talk to you about the techniques used in the bass line from the song “Khon” It’s not that complicated, except for catching the groove.

Basically, I try to catch the groove of the drums that goes (mimics the beats) You can sometime lose the count, so I focus on the ride (ride cymbal of the drum) instead because drummers always count the ride. However, many have mentioned that in the chorus, the sound of the bass is very tight and in sync with the drums.

I’m actually doing what I’m comfortable with because I love playing the bass while muting the string. When we record, it is something like this (he strums to show) When we play live, if we play the board through the PA, it swells the sound a lot. I try to play in slots class 1 it normally and for the tight portion, I leave it to the backup guitarist instead.

We sort of cover up for each another. But for the recording room, if you wonder why the bass and drums are so in sync, then this is it – mute it a little, not much, just a little and strum not too hard. There is a part (sings the part) I play much louder so that when it comes to a stop, it sounds exciting. Then there’s the part (sings the part), the strings are muted too.

(Plays and sings the part) The rest is just moving up and down alternating between playing softly or loudly depending on the mood and weight of the song. Towards the end, Auto would normally end it with riff guitar. Sort of like a haze, going softly, so I would also lower down the weight of my music accordingly.

And when Auto ends loudly? Sometimes Auto ends loud, then I have to follow suit. Mostly I have to pay attention to the sound of the ride.

For this song – I would recommend following the drums. Generally, when Vit goes solo, or when guitarist go solo, the bass player will lay back a little for them. But in this song, the part where Vit goes solo, I don’t let the bass shy out because Vit’s style of playing is a little laid back and like to tease anyway.

If the bass and the guitar both go into laid back styles, the song will head to the wrong direction and the effect of Vit’s laid back technique renders useless. That’s about it. The bass of this song isn’t difficult. Big round of applause please! If all else false, look cool first!

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