Roulette Strategy from Online Casino Experts

Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and famous of all the casino games in New Zealand, making an appearance in numerous movies and attracting much attention at the casino halls around the world. This is a game of chance and luck, but by adding a bit of strategy to our game play you can even out that house edge and even make yourself a pretty penny. CasinoTop10 has uncovered some of the best roulette strategies around to help you beat the odds and come out a winner every time.

European vs American Roulette

One strategy is to always opt for the European version of the game as opposed to its American counterpart. The European wheel has a single 0 whilst the American wheel has both a zero (0) and a double zero (00) on the wheel. With the addition of the extra digit the house edge increases to double that of the European game which is 2.7%. American roulette has a house edge of 5.27% making it harder to beat the casino. There is no need to book a ticket to Europe to play however, you can find this version of the game in most casinos and of course online.

En Prison Rule

If you do you research and manage to find a casino that offers the En Prison rule, then you have the chance to further increase your chances of hitting the big wins and getting the edge over the house. The En Prison rule is a great way to get some of your lost cash back. If the wheel lands on zero when a bet was placed on odd, even, red or black, high or low you are given the opportunity to win back half of your stake or to let it ride for the next spin. The name of this game comes from the marker that the croupier places on top of the bet to show that it is in prison (en prison).

Oscar’s Grind Strategy

A more recent strategy, Oscar’s Grind has only been on the scene since the sixties. The system says that you must choose a stake and adhere to that bet size. You must then place the chosen bet on one red or black (odd or even works also). You must stick to the same bet size and the same bet until you turn a profit. It may seem disheartening when on a losing streak but a winning streak like this can be quite exciting. Keep on grinding and you will win.

The 64% strategy

This is a strategy that has the potential to win! In fact there is a 64% chance of winning with every spin. Again this is a strategy that can only be put into effect on a European roulette table. The strategy works by players placing bets on two sets of the 3 dozens (for example – $10 on 1st 12 and $10 on 3rd dozen). The amounts bet must always be equal and in the end will see you double you stake if with every win. This is an effective strategy as it is rare to lose 4 spins in a row when following this strategy correctly.

Simple Strategy

This simple roulette strategy is said to be the preferred strategy of John Wayne – an avid roulette player according to his biography. Start off by placing two bets on the middle column and one on each of the four corners of the chosen numbers. By doing this you will have covered half of all the numbers on the roulette table – 18 to be exact. This gives you a sort of insurance policy were by you can win more than you can lose if any of your numbers come up

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