Mountain Adventures at Lake Louise. You Should Try It.

The last stop for your mountain adventures is at Lake Louise. Lake Louise is located two hours west of Calgary and 45 minutes west of Banff via the Trans Canada Highway. The glacial lake is the main highlight of the place. The emerald color of the lake is fantastic particularly in the summer and the Rocky Mountain background adds up to its beauty. The combination of Fairmont Chateau Hotel and lake make stunning images you can treasure forever, so make sure you carry a camera with you.

Lake Louise has the biggest ski resort in Canada and a usual venue for professional Alpine Ski Events where hundreds of athletes from different parts of the globe set in to compete. Top Canadian Alpine athletes such as Calgary’s own John Kucera and Erik Guay are some of the participants. A perfect place for ski lovers and enthusiast!

My favorite event in Lake Louise is the Ice Magic Festival Competition. This is an annual affair being held beside the Fairmont Chateau Hotel. My wife and I enjoy going there to see various fine ice carving. Some of the amazing of images we saw: unicorn, native Indian arts, ballet dancer, flying eagle, sea creatures, fairy tale land and my most wanted – ice castle.

This event is regularly being held third to last weekend of January. If you miss this competition, don’t worry you can go anytime to see their creation for FREE! Go at once before it melts. Don’t delay!

Lake Louise

We went around the banks via horse sleigh for an hour, took pictures and saw the frozen waterfall.

The cool breeze of the air and fresh scent of the trees were refreshing and relaxing.

Also go for snowshoeing, cross-country, snowmobiling and dog sledding to explore the place.

Summer time is the best time to go for canoeing, and kayaking on the lake. Biking and hiking on to Lake Louise’s countless trails is another sure thing to do. You might end up face to face with animals such as moose, deer, cougars, mountain goat, black bears, grizzly bears, wolverine, elks, coyotes plus wide assortments of birds. So be on your guard and protect yourself by being aware of what to do when you encounter wild animals.

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