How to Play Animator vs. Animation – The Card Game

Hey guys, so I said that I was going to give a demonstration of the Animator vs. Animation card game. So I’m gonna do that in this video, the Kickstarter campaign actually reached his goal after 27 hours and already hit three of its stretch goals. but there are still some stretch goals to hit including a magnetic latch for the box, so the version of the card game that you see in this video is likely going to be very different from the final product since they’re constantly adding new things and changing the wording on the cards and Improving the materials, so watch this video from the mindset that you’re watching the gameplay rather than looking at the quality of the cards So let’s get into it! Alright, so Here’s how the game is played So in the deck. We’ve got a bunch of types of cards there’s the character cards, right here.

You’ve got the item cards, which have the the white top and then you’ve got What are these? Quick cards, which have the blue on the top so… item cards Quick cards and character cards, so You’ve also got these action tiles the drag, rotate, move and Click. you’ve also got this pointer which decides where Who goes first and you pass it to the next person for the next round so they can go first?

So…. the point of the game is for the stick figures to attack each other and the goal is to get 16 points by the end of the round, so each… Player gets eight of these… acrylic tokens. These are going to be the points so the way that They attack if you look at the character card.

There’s actually the fists that are pointing up That’s the direction that the character is facing, so if for example: yellow is facing this character then that I mean he’s attacking blue and So at the end of the round when all the point when when they attack each other then this person this the stick figure would take one token from blue because he’s attacking blue and if blue is Facing if they’re facing each other then the points cancel out and No one gets damaged, so let’s play through a game to show how it actually works so each player gets Ten action tiles and they get: two drags, four rotates, two moves, and two clicks and What they do is, uh… let’s see Rotate allows you to rotate your character like this Or 90 or 180 degrees in any direction and not just your character, but any character move lets you move switch places with a character like that and the positions and rotations would be Preserved so for example if Red is facing this way and you switch these guys, then you would just do this and now blues facing red, and so you kind of turn the tables on them, click just does one damage to that character, so… um… click, so if green is doing click on on red, then green would get one point there I Should probably switch these back to be less confusing and then drag is in order to Take an item away from a character, so let’s say that the gun is equipped to red then you would use drag and then take that away and you can choose to give it to your character or another character or Discard it and you can only take give it to your character if you’re next to it, and if you Don’t have anything equip you already Each person gets ten of these let’s let me just distribute those out So you decide a random person to go first, let’s say blue goes first, so… everyone gets two cards and Then you take turns putting down an action tile So blue would go down go first. Let’s say that they put down a rotate, but they keep it hidden facedown so let’s say they want to rotate their blue character and then You I guess a good first actions usually to rotate so Maybe red wants to use click on on blue you could do that So once all the tiles are down. You’re actually allowed to change your mind Where you put your tile so if I put mine here?

I could I could choose to put it here instead But once they’re all down and everyone is good with their choice Then you take turns again revealing your tile with the first person, so this person uses a rotate and maybe rotates towards green Green did rotate also and decides to rotate back towards blue red decided to do a click and so that would mean you take a point right away and yellow decides to attack blue, so now We discard the action tiles so the next part of the round we’re using item cards, so if we look at blues hand He’s got item card here and a quick card here You can tell by that color, so you’re allowed to use an item card so let’s say he it has decides to it equip a pencil and that allows him to have one extra damage, so by default each character does one damage But now this person does – this person does one and so this person would do one damage to them? Each person is allowed to also do that oh, that’s nice a side bar, so now Green has the advantage with one extra and red doesn’t have any item cards and Neither does yellow So now is the chance to use a quick card quick cards are used once and then they’re discarded? so this says target animation can’t attack this turn so that’s very good for blue, so he’s gonna use it on green and Green can’t attack this round and that means he gets to do two damage to him and then hand tool is a One extra move and that’s a basically a one extra move tile so he could choose to move These two and now this is kind of messy now He’s facing this way and Avoiding the attack from from blue, so that’s kind of cool and now this one Let’s see so now blue is attacking target animation Can’t attack this turn so Yeah, that’s a good thing to do to Red it’s going to use lasso on blue and now blue can’t attack red and let’s see what do we have here? Let’s use the antivirus and just due To damage to Let’s say Green, so now everything is now. We’ve gone through the three parts of the round which are the action tiles?

Item cards and the quick cards and so now we evaluate Who gets damaged by how much so? basically both blue and green Can’t attack so that doesn’t count. No those are none of those count but red Yeah, red isn’t facing anywhere, so doesn’t attack anyone and basically the only one who gets damaged is Oh Actually, yeah Green gets hit for two by using this antivirus And then yellow is attacking blue and gets one damage, so yellow basically. It’s all the points this round so now we discard all of these Quick cards That and we move on to the next round so I think it’s counterclockwise so Yellow is next so we each take one card Every round and Now it’s yellows turn to do the action towel, so We basically just keep going the same way.

This is the same repeat as the last round, but we keep going using the action tiles then using any item cards and then using any quick cards and basically whoever gets 16 points by the you know whoever gets 16 points first wins or Whoever Has the most points by? The time all the action tiles are used up And there’s ten action tiles so that means there’s ten rounds so after 10 rounds whoever has the most points wins so yeah, that’s basically how to play and So I just want to go over some of the Things on the cards in parenthesis so once means you equip it once and then at the end of the round you discard it This one is the same you equip it once But it can’t be dragged And then brush has a reach and this actually only affects when you have an eight player game And I’m not sure if the game actually supports eight players yet with the action tiles. I think that’s a stretch goal but If you were if you did have eight players or played an eight player game You would set it up differently let me just do it real quick So this is an eight player game, and if one person were to Use a brush for example red, and they were to be rotated this way that means that their attack would reach to another one extra person so That’s what reach does but unfortunately you can’t double equip You can only equip one thing at a time and the only way to get rid of an item From your character is either with a drag or with a racer or with the eraser quickcard so yeah, that’s the Animator vs.

Animation card game and obviously the materials are probably going to be a lot better once the campaign is finished, but The campaign finishes on December 14th so grab your copy it’s going to be a lower price through Kickstarter than after Kickstarter so head over to Kickstarter, check it out and I’ll be releasing a new animation shortly so Check out the Kickstarter stay tuned for the next animation. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys later [MUSIC PLAYS]

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