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Sawasdee krup. I’m Gak, from Slot Machine and this is online gambling sourse I’m here to talk to you about the techniques used in the bass line from the song “Khon” It’s not that complicated, except for catching the groove.

Basically, I try to catch the groove of the drums that goes (mimics the beats) You can sometime lose the count, so I focus on the ride (ride cymbal of the drum) instead because drummers always count the ride. However, many have mentioned that in the chorus, the sound of the bass is very tight and in sync with the drums.

I’m actually doing what I’m comfortable with because I love playing the bass while muting the string. When we record, it is something like this (he strums to show) When we play live, if we play the board through the PA, it swells the sound a lot. I try to play in slots class 1 it normally and for the tight portion, I leave it to the backup guitarist instead.

We sort of cover up for each another. But for the recording room, if you wonder why the bass and drums are so in sync, then this is it – mute it a little, not much, just a little and strum not too hard. There is a part (sings the part) I play much louder so that when it comes to a stop, it sounds exciting. Then there’s the part (sings the part), the strings are muted too.

(Plays and sings the part) The rest is just moving up and down alternating between playing softly or loudly depending on the mood and weight of the song. Towards the end, Auto would normally end it with riff guitar. Sort of like a haze, going softly, so I would also lower down the weight of my music accordingly.

And when Auto ends loudly? Sometimes Auto ends loud, then I have to follow suit. Mostly I have to pay attention to the sound of the ride.

For this song – I would recommend following the drums. Generally, when Vit goes solo, or when guitarist go solo, the bass player will lay back a little for them. But in this song, the part where Vit goes solo, I don’t let the bass shy out because Vit’s style of playing is a little laid back and like to tease anyway.

If the bass and the guitar both go into laid back styles, the song will head to the wrong direction and the effect of Vit’s laid back technique renders useless. That’s about it. The bass of this song isn’t difficult. Big round of applause please! If all else false, look cool first!


We all know that the majority of the bingo enthusiasts come to the net to discover the very best bingo websites offering bingo games online. You will find a lot of bingo game websites available on the internet which produces huge competition included in this. The bingo gamers are the ones who get advantageous using this lots of competition. Different websites offer various kinds of facilities and good things about their people. Among the best features which magnetize bingo enthusiasts is all of the bingo games provided by a single company.

Bingo gamers enjoy having number of bingo games with ecoPayz Casinos Canada. Bingo website proprietors work very difficult to add variety to online bingo games. They daily develop a couple of ideas, but many of individuals get not successful. Among the great ideas which trick the internet bingo marketplace is speed bingo. Speed bingo is giving outstanding response in the online bingo gamers. It’s a new kind of bingo game supplying outstanding leads to the internet bingo game market.

Now it offers greater variety towards the online bingo games. If you should also understand what is speed bingo and why it will get a lot recognition in an exceedingly short time then this is actually the article for you personally.

General or standard online bingo games take usually two or 2 . 5 seconds to call a brand new bingo number where as with the situation of speed bingo it hardly requires a second to call a brand new bingo number. It offers speed towards the online bingo game and referred to as speed online bingo game. So, in the majority of the cases the overall game will get carried out almost not a minute. It offers advantage towards the businessmen along with the gamers of the overall game. Because it takes a shorter period to accomplish, the majority of the gamers like to try their luck on the internet and take take part in it. Alternatively hard, because it get completed a lot sooner the internet bingo game service companies have more time for you to play more games online daily. It instantly enables them to increase the amount of games daily that also leave the results around the day’s profit too.

Adding speed bingo game towards the variety of online bingo games together with general 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo games helps the service companies to attract more bingo gamers for their website. Should you feel the bingo forums, bingo blogs, or bingo forums you’ll arrived at be aware of recognition of speed bingo games and also the effect of around the online bingo market. It is among the most talked about subjects about this platform.

As everyone knows that online bingo games provide more comfort and versatility for their gamers as in comparison using the traditional bingo hall games or bingo parlor games, speed bingo is the greatest suit for that online bingo game market. It offers more comfort and versatility for their gamers as you can enjoy the overall game of speed bingo in just a moment of your time. The majority of the websites run it so regular that you could participate onto it whenever you need.

New Version Of Bingo Halls

When the word “bingo” come to mind first image, which can be formed from the fact that the traditional brick and mortar rooms in smaller cities, clubs, churches and charitable areas. Normally not the image of the old windows, and watch the bingo cards. It ‘s always the caller who calls on the bingo card number and the players are busy, keep track of the numbers. This image is passe bingo halls, bingo halls, and in these days of age, and renewed them are very different from what it was before in the past.

The magazine bingo halls these days, and train a larger number of people in different age groups. Playing bingo has received overwhelming response from the younger generation, and is now called young and old. It ‘s always a game coordinator whose main task is to reveal the numbers that are called, and depends on the players to keep a note of all these numbers and play accordingly. A person who is before his / her bingo game is the winner.

Besides being just a game Gamble, also known as the bingo game in which you have the chance to meet many people who are interested in the game. You can also use this as an opportunity to learn the game, and hockey tips and pointers to other actors. In the process of interaction during the game, is not usually tend to do some really good friends.

You can play more games with the same amount of money this way. Use the offers made by the IM. Incentives for games-to-one conversation for some time, and refers to his friends, or even the game of bingo can be very useful. Finding gifts that are appropriate. At least you could play more games and more time.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Slots and Streaks

They are seldom or never the local “progressive machines”, local meaning machines linked within the casino, and definitely never the “progressive” machines that are linked to other casinos in the same city or state.

They are however sometimes found in high traffic areas, or high visible areas, and many times in the middle of the slots area, usually no more than one or two per bank of machines.

The higher traffic areas or high visible areas, so people walking by will see lights and hear bells going off, and in the middle of the slots area so other slots players will experience the same thing, lights, bells, noise, excitement…encouraging them to get in on the action or keep on playin’.

Sometimes you can ask, but they may or may not tell you. However making friends with the cocktail waitress and/or the change gal can’t hurt, they know, they work the casino floor every day.

But finding the loose machine may not be all that it is cracked up to be, because like any other game of chance with random returns, over the long run the percentages will play out. But in the short run anything can happen. Slot machines are no different; they run in cycles as well. Learn how casino slot machines work here.

When you get on a winning streak (the slot machine is paying off multiple times in a short period) that is considered a “hot machine” and of course the opposite is also true, when you get on a losing streak (no payouts in 6, or 8, or 10 spins) that is considered “cold machine”.

There will be a series of winning streaks, there will be a series of losing streaks, and a series of something in the middle (win some, lose some).

A “tight machine” can have its up cycle as well (“hot ‘tight’ machine”), and a “loose machine” can have its down cycle (“cold ‘loose’ machine”).

So finding a “hot” slot machine is probably better than finding a “loose” slot machine.

One more thing to remember in a game of random returns, just because you have lost the last 10 in a row, doesn’t mean you are going to win the next one. Winning streaks and losing streaks can last any duration. The slot machine has no memory. It doesn’t know what it has done in the past; the next spin is entirely random.

One of the biggest mistakes most gamblers make (table games or slot machines) is expecting to win when they have lost several in a row, or expecting to lose when they have won several in a row.